Bank details

Bank details


Registration number: 40008218110
Account number: LV06HABA0551037867448

Legal address: LV-1079, Rīga, Druvienas iela 18-19
Physical address: LV-1039, Rīga, Brīvības Gatve 202

Charity organisation LATVIAN ORPHAN AND ADOPTIVE FAMILY SUPPORT CENTRE “SIROTA.LV” has an official status of a socially beneficial organisation, therefore you get tax relief when making a payment to support us. You may check this information by visiting the website of the State Revenue Service.

How to receive tax relief on donations?

For individuals. In accordance with Article 10 “Justified expenses” of the law ” On Personal Income Tax” any donation made to an organisation holding a status of public benefit organisation (such as is classed as justified expenses. Hence, the amount of payable tax that donation was subject to, can be returned, provided that the total amount of declared justified expenses is not exceeding 20% of your total taxable volume.

To claim for reimbursement you should submit an income declaration to the State Revenue Service enclosing the documents listed below:

– A proof of the donation being made (for instance a receipt or a bank account statement)
– The decision on the award of the public benefit status to the organisation (SLO-Lemums.pdf)
– Registration certificate of the organisation (Registracijas-aplieciba-sirota.lv_.pdf)

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