Photo report, volunteers Alla and Valery take children from the Imanta orphanage to the puppet theatre.


Dear friends! We continue to share the joyful reports from the accomplished projects, for which we have been collecting donations. Below we publish photos of our two volunteers Алла Карабина (Alla Karabina) и Valērija Raubiško accompanying kids from Imanta orphanage to the puppet theatre. The collection of donatios for the initiative “Help an orphan to see a puppet show” was completed in January. We have collected funds … далее

Offsite creative workshop in Ziemeļi orphanage


On Saturday the 25th of March we have visited Ziemeļi orphanage and have arranged a real creative chaos at making a funny Easter post card. The kids had to do a hard job – to weave a basket from strips of paper, cut out grass and colorful eggs, outline and cut to a template, glue together a rabbit by putting 7 parts in a correct order. For … далее

A gift for a volunteer


Who said that Birthday means presents, a cake and blowing out candles? Our volunteers along with the Birthday girl Dasha Lipskaya have decided that it would be a 100 times better to meet on the 26th of February and visit the orphanage in Jelgava to bring joy to the kids.   There were no girls – only boys aged between 4 and 14 years old have come to … далее

Granny Tamara was nearly 70, when she first came to the orphanage.


Written by: Матаева Людмила. Granny Tamara was nearly 70, when she first came to the orphanage. She brought some presents and sweets. I want to come here once a week to play with kids and talk to them, she said. She was allowed, so she began to regularly come to the orphanage. By that time, she has already been retired – her children and grandchildren have grown up. … далее

Photo report: Double creative workshops on the 18th of February


No one has ever guessed that our creative workshops in February would be unusual and even double creative. Why double, would you ask? Here is why. This was the first time we had two fathers participating in workshops together with their families. Well done! We are especially happy, because it is not very common to see fathers at our creative classes. This was also the first time, … далее

[Done!] Let’s organise a trip for kids to a puppet theatre show!


Update: Dear friends! We have managed to make the dream of the little ones to go to a puppet show come true! We have collected donations for 65 tickets, altogether 10 people made donations from 4 to 100 euro. Centre is wholeheartedly thanking everyone who participated in this initiative! Would you like to know what the kids from orphanages are dreaming about? It turned our that … далее

About us

About us Centre Centre – is a Latvian charity organisation operating since 2013. We are carrying out support projects for orphans and foster families. The Centre 100% consists of volunteers. Our mission Our mission is to provide any kind of help to orphans of different ages. Someone needs to find a family or good and reliable friends. But everyone needs to uncover their hidden talents … далее

SIROTA.LV: 18 ноября – Творческая мастерская, битбокс и «Нарисовать мечту». День рождения Латвии провели в детском доме в Иманте.


18 ноября – День рождения Латвии и дополнительный выходной день. Кто как, а волонтёры Центра SIROTA.LV время даром не теряли и поспешили к детям. На этот раз гостили в детском доме в Иманте (Rīgas pašvaldības bērnu un jauniešu centrs, filiāle Imanta). Мы провели творческую мастерскую и концерт для 25 детей от 6 до 16 лет. Но больше всего нас тронуло ответное выступление ребят, которые исполнили специально для … далее