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Support us



Donate to support orphans and foster families. Center is being funded through the donations and the rent of its premises, as we do not have permanent sponsors. Therefore, we need the support of any warm heart. You get tax benefits for making a donation. Company bank details.


Become a volunteer and take part in our projects. We mainly consist of a 100% of volunteers, there are no full time employees. Read more…

Rent of the premises

Rent the premises of our cultural center “Ryzhskye Okna” (The Windows of Riga) for your events and anniversaries. Read more

Charity events

Attend our charity events in our Cultural center “Ryzhskye Okna” (The Windows of Riga) and creative workshops “The City of Craftsmen”. There is a donation upon entrance starting from 3 Euro.


Place our banners on your web page.

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