Cultural centre “The Windows of Riga”

Cultural centre “The Windows of Riga”


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The support center for orphans and adoptive families has created a cultural center “Ryzhskye Okna” (The Windows of Riga) for running its events.

«Ryzhskye Okna» (The Windows of Riga) – is a contemporary center of culture and leisure with three rooms accommodating up to 40-5o people.

What happens in our cultural center «Ryzhskye Okna» (The Windows of Riga):

1. Individual and group classes.

2. Creative and themed meetings (charity concerts, talks and other educational and leisure activities).

3. Creative workshops, trainings, master classes, study groups, rehearsals.

4. Anniversaries, corporate events, meetings etc.

5. Renter`s classes.

Events calendar is constantly updating.

Someone has said: “A human`s culture is not a role he is playing, but the light of his true nature, which he develops in everything he does”.

We support the development of the culture and creativity and we wish to promote it to the best of our ability.
By renting the premises of «Ryzhskye Okna» you are supporting the charity projects of the Center.

Renting of the «Ryzhskye Okna» premises

Work load schedule of the premises.


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