8th of June – sports festival “Energy party” for teenagers from orphanages


We are starting the preparation for a unique event – “Energy party” sports festival for teenagers from orphanages, which will take place this summer on the 8th of June. In order for the event to happen, we very much need volunteer help. We encourage you to make your own insvestment into making “Energy party” happen! Follow our posts to be aware of the preparation actovities and any help required.

About the teenagers from orphanages

It is well known, that adolescence is not an easy phase of life, even children from families are not eager to participate in activities, that they enjoyed in childhood. The topic of sport – is pretty much the only common interest, that we managed to find among different teenagers. This is exactly why we selected sports as the main theme of our event. Children from orphanages, especially teenagers need attention and socialisation with adults. The idea of sports festival ticks all the boxes and in addition is also healthy.

About the sports festival “Energy party”

The idea of sports festival – is to unite adults and teenagers and have a few friendly sports competitions and relay races. The plan is to have 90 teenagers from 5 orphanages as well as our foster union “Territory of childhood” taking part. The following activities are planned: footbal, floorball, dance marathon “Zumba”, relay races, tug-of-war, quiz and other carefully selected activities. Football and floorball teams will be formed of a mix of orphanage pupils and adult volunteers. And of course the winners will get a prize! We have already agreed the event with the orphanages and they confirmed their interest in participation.

About the significance of Your support

Let’s do something valuable and significant for the kids in orphanages. By giving your time to the kids you will gain a wonderful experience of socialising with teenages and serve valuable help to orphans. Through such events teenagers discover their talents, learn to communicate with each other and with adults, learn to work in a team, which is very important for their future adaptation in the society.

Much needed help

Volunteers are invited for participation in team sports – football and floorball.
A selection of sports equipment, the list will be published.
We are looking for sponsors to purchase the prizes for winners, any missing equipment and food supplies.

If you are ready to join us, please call or text 25511575 (Daria). You can also support us financially, by transferring any amount to our bank account. Note, you can receive a tax relief on donation.

Centre www.sirota.lv https://www.facebook.com/Sirota.lv/

Helping is easy!

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