The second sports festival within orphanages is going to be organized in Riga

37644900_1748152511930897_2432179360556384256_nAugust 30 in Riga will be a great charity event – the second sports festival “Energy Party” for teenagers from orphanages and disadvantaged families. Together with children, adults will take part in the competition – 60 volunteers who will unite for good deeds and spend the day with children. Organizer of the sport event is Latvian orphan and adoptive family support center

This event is unique in the idea and the number of sport6participants. There will be united children from 10 orphanages of Riga, Eleja, Rezekne and Jurmala. Totally, there will participate about 200 people. The organizers will embody the main idea of «Energy Party», when adults with teenagers from orphanages are playing football, floorball, dancing Zumba, pulling the rope, participating in the relay race and are united for their teams. Once the same event was organized last year because of the initiative of The Center It was so well that initiators were orphanages themselves, asking to make the event one more time.

Катрина Левита – представитель центра

Катрина Левита – представитель центра

Katrina Levita – the representative of

By the request of the orphanages we extended the composition of participants and the age group. Last year there were children from 6 orphanages who are 12-16 years old, but now there are teenagers from 10 orphanages of 12-18 years old. In our activity at the Center we are faced with the problem that teenagers aged 12-18 years are difficult to engage in some kind of common activities. Together with the directors of we looked for the right format and chose sport competitions for united teams with adults. We are sure, exactly projects with personal participation of adults are the most valuable things we can do for children.

The important task of the sport festival is to make teenagers active participants, to create conditions for communication at the team, to adjust to contact with strangers: peers and adult volunteers. For this reason, there are so many adult volunteers – sportsmen, coaches, judges, DJs, photographers, videographers, Zumba instructors and assistants – all of them are going to make this day unforgettable for the children.

sport4Kaspars Jasinkevics – Director of Riga Orphanages

Such events are important for children from orphanages. Children are inspired by the spirit of the team and get a lot of positive emotions by participating and competing in games. Sports games not only develop the body physically, but also intellectually, forcing teenagers to think about the strategy.
It should be noted that this large-scale project is 100% realized by the volunteers of the Center, with the support of the Riga City Council and the funds raised by the Center in the form of donations and sponsorship.

Help needed

We need funds for meals for participants, the purchase of prizes and equipment for the Games. You can also provide your support by donating any amount to the account:

Reg. № 40008218110

With the mark “Spartakiada” or “Sporta spēles”.

Sport games are supported by the Riga City Council, the Children’s and Youth Center of Riga Municipality, Cido, Fun Studio, the printing house Zelta rudens, Fialka Flowers, Tribal.lvieliecmaisa.lvGekaPiepūšamie.lvLatvijas florbola asociācijaKonditoreja EnharsPro-BalticStrong apsardze, RollegSchool, Rīgas Futbola Federācija, Konuss DT, Rise JE, Rīgas futbola klubs

Center is a Latvian charitable organization, which has been operating since 2013. The Center implements projects to support orphans and foster families. Center has received the award of the Riga City Council in the competition “the Volunteer of year 2017”. More information, Reports about the first Spartakiada can be found here, here and here.

23.07.2018   Riga

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