Word of advice to the future volunteer

24300955_1904688859545905_4007604860449578485_nOne liner thoughts  – from the volunteers of the Sirota.lv Center:

➡️ Try it. It is a great experience. It is a possibility to understand yourself.
➡️ Don’t think to become a volunteer or not – just do it! You will get the answer while practice.
➡️ It’s for you! Be bolder!
➡️ Forget everything you were told and become a volunteer!
➡️ Decide whether you will be willing to sacrifice your free time to help those in need.
➡️ Take the risk! In any case, you will only gain. You will not like it, and okay, but there will be an experience.
➡️ Do not waste time in thinking! Do not think about it, but try it!

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