Report on the work of the center in 2018


Dear friends, as always, we would like to summarize what is done in the previous year. We are happy because so many things have been done – we helped orphans, meet new people, and gathered kind-hearted volunteers around our center. Working pace is always different, sometimes there are not enough resources – neither human, nor financial. Even though, we have a lot of things to be proud of:

  • We got an award of Riga City Council in “Social sphere”.
  • We held a huge sport event where 200 teenagers and volunteers were participated.
  • We help grand Zumba-marathon for families, fundraising money for further sport event. We were shown on TV.
  • We conducted big joint project together with charity organization Alianse Latvija bez bāreņiem – New Year Celebration for orphans and their teachers.
  • We held 4 creative workshops for orphans. And everybody took a handmade craft.
  • We implemented the project “Help the orphan get to the puppet theater”. With the fundraised money we will organize trips to theatrical performances for orphanages.
  • We organized trip to the theater for children from dysfunctional families.
  • We are teaching children from dysfunctional families from the trust organization “The Territory of Childhood”. We held a fall festival with the quiz.
  • Our volunteer Marina Krotikova has been conducting Zumba classes in one of the orphanages on the charity base.
  • Our volunteers Даша Липска-Ищук (Даша Липская) Valērija Raubiško have been conducting eurhythmics for toddlers from orphanages on the charity base.
  • Our volunteer Матаева Людмила oversees and supporting 4 graduates of the orphanage.
  • Thanks to our volunteers Даша Липска-Ищук (Даша Липская)Паша Стёбочкин (Paul Stebohckin), one of our wards has been training in ballroom dancing and participated in the “Ball of Wonderful Color”.
  • Two pairs of our volunteers have played a wedding and our volunteers gave birth to 2 children.

All our projects are implemented by volunteer resources and with the help of funds raised as voluntary donations.

Friends, we thank our beloved volunteers and everyone who supports us, helps us, and participates in charity activities with us!

Владислав Васильев (Vladislav Vasilyev)Лена ВасильеваДаша Липска-Ищук (Даша Липская)Valērijs IščuksKatrina LevitaValērija Raubiško,Lena SmalЕкатерина Ткачук (Jekaterina Tkacuka)Паша Стёбочкин (Paul Stebohckin)Алла Карабина (Alla Karabina)Olesya KovalErvīns PavinskisEdmond PushkoИрина Феодорова (Irina Feodorova)Marija Audere-AuderinaDaina MandrikinaIriska GushinaMarina KrotikovaIlona-Anna OvlascenkoAleksandr TitАндрей Скоринкин (Andrej Skorinkin)?Jelena IvaJelena KozlovskaВика Печенегова (Vika Pechenegova)

Report on the work done by in year 2017

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