Our projects to support orphans, problem families and foster parents.

Shortly into the world «Talent course»

The project is aimed at helping and preparing the foster children that are about to turn 18 years old and leave the orphanage to step face to face into the adulthood. Read more

Creative workshops «The City of Craftsmen»

Monthly creative workshops for children aged between 5 and 13 years old, where children from families and orphanages make handicrafts themselves. Where children discover their creative abilities and find new friends, participating in our workshops. Parents may attend the workshops together with their children. There is a donation upon entrance starting from 3 Euro. Upcoming workshops

The territory of childhood

The project is aimed at helping children from problem families. Read more

Charity concerts

Charity concerts for orphan children in orphanages and centers. And our grand performance in the Old town of Riga. Our closest concerts

Musical-playing pause

A new project aimed at communication of the youth. Youth meetings include communication, musical performances, poetry, games, acquaintanceship, and interesting leisure activities. Come and have a great time with friends or find a couple of new friends!


Collecting funds for orphans’ specific needs. Read more

Individual help

The projects of individual help. Read more

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