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Renting the premises of the cultural center “Ryzhskye Okna” (The Windows of Riga)


Perhaps you or someone you know have some already prepared classes or activities that you are planning to hold or already holding individually and in groups?

We have 3 comfortable rooms available for rent located at 202 Brivibas Gatve (next to VEF bridge) that could be used for classes, study groups, rehearsals, concerts (up to 40 seats), courses, meetings, seminars and other activities.

Easily accessible, free parking and Internet available on site. Get directions
The premises have recently been renovated. Toilet facilities are available on the same floor.

Hourly pay. Please feel free to give us a call on +371 24 114 020


«Ryzhskye Okna» – 27 м2, up to 40 seats

Зал «39» – 39 м2, до 50 мест

«39» – 39 м2, up to 50 seats

Зал «Офис» - 30 м2, до 40 мест

«Office» – 30 м2, up to 40 seats


Three main reasons why you should use our premises:

1. Low rent + free parking for our partners;

2. Ease of access – located next to the main throughway (buses, trolley buses, trams and a railway station are within the walking distance), close to Domina shopping center;

3. The money paid for rent is used towards the development and support of Sirota.lv Center.

The premises are suitable for:

1. Individual and group classes;

2. Creative and thematical meetings (concerts, talks and other educational and leisure activities);

3. Trainings, master classes, study groups, meetings, rehearsals;

4. Corporate events, family holidays, anniversaries etc.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the reservation:

Contact number: +371 24 114 020
E-mail: info@sirota.lv

Work load schedule of the premises

Our bank details.

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