Center received the “Volunteer of the Year 2019” award.

Center twice awarded at the “Volunteer of the Year 2019” ceremony. We received awards in 2 categories – in the Latvian state and Riga city ceremonies. At the Latvian state ceremony, the mayor of Riga Olegs Burovs handed us the honorary award.

The diplomas and gifts were also received by 15 of our volunteers personally for their significant contribution to the implementation of charity projects, as well as for the organization of the work of other volunteers ❤️.

The organizers of the ceremony are LR Labklājības ministrija, Nodarbinātības valsts aģentūra, Rīgas domes Labklājības departaments.

Massive thank you to our team of activists and volunteers: Владислав Васильев, Даша Липска-Ищук, Katrina Levita, Irina Feodorova, Marija Audere-Auderina, Олеся Бабайцева, Паша Стёбочкин, Алла Ли, Edmond Pushko, Lena Smal, Ervīns Pavinskis, Кирилл Крутов, Ирина Гущина, Екатерина Ткачук, Valērija Raubiško, Victoria Dubanevich, Zinaida Zhukova.

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