Priglasaem k sotrudnicestvuBecome a volunteer of Sirota.lv center!

You will not only take part in charity projects supporting orphans and foster families but will also implement your talents and abilities!

Fill in our volunteer application form.

Who is a volunteer?

A volunteer is a person that voluntary participates in socially useful activities and charity.

Charity is not just about donating money. You can do good by investing your time, a part of your soul, as well as your knowledge and talents.

What our volunteers do

– Make preparations of charity events
– Maintain contacts with
orphanages and centers
– Take part in different events with children
– Perform fundraising events to support the operation of the Sirota.lv center
– Take part in supporting the activity of the Center by performing different tasks
– You can join any type of our activities, which is closer to your soul.

We need help of volunteers to

– Participate in different events with children – creative workshops or visiting orphanages. For example, we are creating handicrafts together with children, but the most important is that we are communicating with them.
– Make translations from Russian into Latvian for our web page and other publications.
– Take pictures of our events
– Help to set musical installations for our concerts
– Bring our volunteers and stage requisites to a place of the event
– Help with the supply of materials for creative workshops or sweets for children

We are inviting to cooperate with us on a volunteer basis

Project Managers
– People that would be responsible for communication, organizational questions, record keeping and other related questions in terms of our projects
– A person or several people who could develop our website
– A person with good HR knowledge (HR manager)
– CEO for our cultural center «Ryzhskye Okna» (The Windows of Riga)

We are looking for employees to work on a constant basis

– Organizer, like minded person that would be interested in helping orphans and in developing the Center
– Fundraising person (dealing with fundraising for charity projects).

Please send all your questions and offers to: info@sirota.lv, or send us a private message on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Sirota.lv/

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