The Support Centre held the second charity sport festival with orphanages

40914325_2255964287751692_3326140665363955712_oOn Thursday, 30th August the second big charity event took place in Riga. The sport festival “Energy Party” was organized by the Centre for teenagers from orphanages and disadvantaged families.

As in the previous year, children together with adults took part in the event. There were 60 volunteers who gathered for a team work and spent the day with children.

The idea of the sport event is to unite adult volunteers and teenagers for joint sport and synergy.

41056739_2255963791085075_3063545647626977280_oAbout 200 people proved themselves in football, floorball and different relay races during one year. Moreover, the dance Zumba-marathon was as an energizer for participants as well as rollers workshop by Rolleg School. And FunStudio provided with the possibility to take an immediate photo.

This year the mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov visited the event. In his speech the mayor wished participants good luck and thanked volunteers for their work. Furthermore, Nil Ushakov gifted children big fruit basket.

In organizitor’s opinion, exactly sport able to unite teenagers and adults. This year the range of sports disciplines was renewed and the age limit was expanded. Children up to 18 years old inclusive (up to 16 previous years) could take part in the competitions. Teenagers of ten Latvian orphanages joined the sport festival.

40956231_2255972437750877_6133533840687235072_o Director of Riga Orphanages Kaspars Yasinkevičs noticed: «The main achievement of this year is that children themselves wanted this event. That means last year they understood that sport is good and fun. This time they wanted a repeat. And the same happens with other things in children’s lives. When they see how it is great, for instance, to do sport, they take the initiative to participate».

41046573_2255965457751575_5362133215832178688_oKatrina Levita.“We had held this festival the second time, and the result exceeded our expectations, – said Katrina Levita, the representative of the – A teenage group is considered the most difficult. The best confirmation that everything ran smoothly is when children had taken part and thanked us. The idea of the festival itself is joint activities of teenagers and adults. It is not only about having fun, at the same time it is a hard work, the disclosure of talents, communication and the teamwork”.

Each team got memory prizes for participating. And winners were honored with gold, silver and bronze medals. There is one more excellent gift from sponsor – drawing in the graffiti style on the summer stage of a children’s institution, where the Energy Party is held.

At the closing of the event Kaspars Yasinkevichs invited everyone to the third “Energy Party” next year.

The Centre is a Latvian charity organization operating since 2013. The Centre is carrying out support projects for orphans and foster families. won the award “Volunteer of the Year 2017” from Riga City Council.

The sport festival is supported by the Welfare Department of the Riga City Council, Riga Municipal Children and Youth Center, Cido, Fun Studio, printing house Zelta rudens, Fialka Flowers,,, Geka, Piepūš, Latvijas florbola asociācija, Konditoreja Enhars, Pro-Baltic, Strong apsardze, RollegSchool, Rīgas Futbola Federācija, Konuss DT, Rise JE, Riga football club.

Personal gratitude for support Energy Party – Kaspars Jasinkevičs, Aigars Magons, Aleksandrs  Tit, Aleksandrs Kolosovskis, Matīss Maksimovs, volonteers of the  Centre – Dasha Lipska-Ischuk, Katrina Levita, Valērija Raubiško,  Jeļena Smaļa, Anna Astafjeva, Kirils Krutovs, Pavels Lizons, Ervīns Pavinskis, Marina Krotikova, Ilona-Anna Ovlascenko, Jelena Iva.

The author: Marine Hačaturjana.

More information about the sport festival can be found here and here.
You can see the photo report here.
A video report from the previous Energy Party can be viewed here.


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