Granny Tamara was nearly 70, when she first came to the orphanage.

17155513_1363285120399973_9114018875965183848_nWritten by: Матаева Людмила.

Granny Tamara was nearly 70, when she first came to the orphanage.

She brought some presents and sweets. I want to come here once a week to play with kids and talk to them, she said. She was allowed, so she began to regularly come to the orphanage.

By that time, she has already been retired – her children and grandchildren have grown up. She lived together with her daughter and son-in-law, so she wasn’t lonely. However, she had plenty of free time she wanted to share and become useful to someone.

Anton was 7 and Zhenya was 10, when they met Granny Tamara. Their friendship lasted many years and Tamara always supported and directed the boys. She wanted to take them from the orphanage and apply for foster care, but this was impossible due to her age.

The buys have grown up, left the orphanage, but their friendship continued. They could now visit their granny at her house. Even when she moved from Riga to the countryside with her daughter`s family, they have visited her all the time.

Tamara died 8 years ago, but they still remember her. Her kind heart has nourished them with love and warmth, when they needed it during the time spent in the orphanage.

It wasn`t just her, there was also Aleksey. He lived in front of the orphanage, so he came there after he retired. Aleksey used to work in a cinema studio in Riga, so he gave acting classes to the orphan boys. He did it for 10 years – twice or three times a week. As a result, Anton and Zhenya have become actors.

Anton and Zhenya are both over 30 now. They have both become successful in lives. Strange by blood, they are still together just like brothers. Zhenya got married, soon they will have a baby. Anton is happy for them. Always together.

I think their lives are so happy because Tamara and Aleksey were next to them. They not only taught them how to live, but also how to make friends, love and be loyal to friendship and love.

It`s not obligatory to adopt – these kind people didn`t even apply for foster care. It turned out that someone just has to be close by.

But you must remember, that you are responsible for them and not make a step back until they find their way in life. You just need to be close by.

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