“Blitz-interview with a volunteer” – Paul Leeson

1. How long have you been a volunteer? I started to join as a volunteer in various projects since the 10th grade. At the moment 6 years have passed. 2. How did you get acquainted with the Support Center Sirota.lv? … далее

“Blitz-interview with a volunteer” – Vlad Vasiljev, director of centre Sirota.lv

The Centre Sirota.lv consists of volunteers 100%, who get together to help children from orphanages. To learn more about these volunteers, we prepared a Blitz-interview series. For you to watch and join us! 1. How long have you been a … далее

Report on the work done by Sirota.lv in year 2017

Whilst planning events for the next year, looked at the previous achievements. We are happy, when we are realising how many good things and projects were done. We are happy for the fact that someone was helped, that we have … далее

“Blitz-interview with a volunteer” – Dasha Lipska-Ishuk

1. How long have you been a volunteer? I’ve been doing volunteer work for about 7 years. In the center of Sirota.lv I am a volunteer for the second year. 2. How did you get acquainted with the Support Center … далее

November 5, photo report. The football competition between orphanage “Imanta” and children from the project “The territory of Childhood”

November 5, volunteers from support center Sirota.lv organized the sport meeting between  teams of orphanage “Imanta” and the project “The territory of Childhood”. They played football, tug of war, measured the strength in arm-wrestling and did other exercises. Competed in … далее

21st October – creative art masterclass for children little chest of drawers made of matches boxes

Labdarības radošā darbnīca Meistaru pilsēta Zelta rudens un lapkritis aiz loga nav nekāds iemesls būt garlaicīgiem. Šoreiz mēs visi izbaudīsim siltu un draudzīgu radošās darbnīcas atmosfēru un izveidosim gaumīgu lādi no sērkociņu kastītēm, kas patiks gan lieliem, gan maziem. Kas? … далее